SPUD KINGS Gourmet Baked Potatoes


Our GRAND OPENING is MONDAY NOVEMBER 19TH for 'Catering Orders ONLY!' We Cater Monday, Wednesday & Friday ONLY!! Look at our Calendar for 'Daily Specific Menu Items' that will be delivered for that day.

Introducing Our... Jumbo Frito Pie Baked Potato

SPUD KINGS.... 'Rulers of All That's POTATO!'

We serve more delicious baked potato creations than any place on earth.

Creating Memorable Potato Cuisine For Any Occasion

Whether Dining Alone...

"There's Nothing Like A Delicious Meal while enjoying your favorite program at home or lunch at the office."

...With A Friend,

"We Make Every Moment Count, with the perfect gourmet cuisine"

Or Intimate Gathering...

"We can create something wonderful, perfect for the occasion!"


ServSafe Certification

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